Ghost is a modern, open source publishing platform built on Node.js with an Ember.js admin client, a JSON API, and a theme API powered by Handlebars.js. Its default database is MySQL, connected via Bookshelf as an ORM layer - so other databases can also be used.

Our development documentation is designed to suit users who are reasonably confident working with a JavaScript technology stack, and deploying their own web applications. Developer docs cover installing & configuring Ghost, getting it production ready on a server, some advanced setup options and everything you need to know about contributing to the project.

If you are not a developer, then you will be best off trying out our Ghost(Pro) service - which will set up a brand new Ghost publication for you in the space of a couple of clicks, with a 14 day free trial. User documentation can be found in our help centre.

If you are a developer but you don't explicitly want to spend time configuring, deploying, managing and updating Ghost - you should also consider checking out our Ghost(Pro) service. It's a fully managed PaaS which is no different to self hosting, it'll just save you a lot of time, whilst also funding the future development of the open source project.

Getting Started

The getting started guide under install & setup has a quick explanation of the various kinds of installs - or if you know what you want to do, jump straight into either:

Our production installation guide which is a full guide for setting up a server
The local install guide for a quick run through of how to setup on your local machine.

Once installed you'll want to complete the configuration:
Configuration - a reference guide to all Ghost config
Mail Configuration - a deep dive into mail config
Redirects - how to add redirects to Ghost

Finally we have some docs for upgrading to newer versions and troubleshooting common install issues:
Troubleshooting Ghost Imports



Need a Hand?

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