Getting Started

Start here to find the best install & setup path for you

So, you want to install and setup Ghost? Excellent news 🎉
Read through following options, and see which one best fits your use case to find the right guide for you:

I want Ghost installed and ready, with minimal effort

Our paid, managed service Ghost(Pro), may suit you best.

I want to install Ghost on my own server

First check our hosting guide to be sure your server is compatible. Then follow our Install & Setup (production) guide - this will take you through a production install and setup.

I want to try Ghost out quickly
I want to install Ghost on my machine to develop a theme

Check out the local install guide for information on how to get Ghost installed, and handy tips and tricks for using Ghost CLI on your local machine. If you're developing a theme, there's an extra section of tips just for you!

I want to contribute to Ghost
I want to be able to edit core files

Please have a good read through our contributing guide, you'll find everything you need there.

I want to install Ghost via npm

This is an advanced setup, but it should work. Our guide to using Ghost as an NPM module should get you up and running.

None of the above / I'm not sure / help me!

Visit the help category of our forum to get help from our community.

After Installing

Once you've got Ghost installed, you might want to take a look at the config and specifically mail config to get your blog tailored to your needs.

You can also add redirects.

If anything goes wrong, check our troubleshooting guide for help with the most common problems.

Keeping up to date

If you use Ghost CLI, updating Ghost will be as simple as ghost update. See the upgrading guide for more details.

Getting Started

Start here to find the best install & setup path for you