The Core Team

The Core Team is a small (but growing) number of trusted committers who have additional responsibilities beyond that of a contributor. They are ambassadors of the Ghost project, who help us to regularly ship high quality code to our users.

The purpose of the Core Team is not to reinforce people's self-worth, it is to further the Ghost project by getting good code into the codebase with the minimum of fuss (adapted from Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel).

Who are the Core Team?

What makes a great Core Team member?

First and foremost, a Core Team member must demonstrate good judgement. This means having humility, being open to feedback and changing their mind, knowing the limits of their abilities and being able to communicate all of these things such that it is noticed. Good judgement is what produces trust, not quality, quantity or pure technical skill.

In order to help us deliver quality software, Core Team members need to be active contributors. Their contributions may take many forms, but being regular and reliable faces in our community is an important part of their role. Core Team members also need to be consistent in the quality of their contributions - this means not just producing good code, but being constructive and friendly when providing feedback and when interacting with other members of our community.

As ambassadors of the Ghost project, it is very important that these are people who are aligned with Ghost's guiding principles and have a great understanding of the product vision. Early Core Team members will be those who have naturally understood these things despite Ghost being young and not particularly good at communicating them just yet.

What does it mean to be a Core Team member?

When a Core Team member accepts their invitation to join, they agree to uphold our contribution, community and product guidelines, to dedicate some of their free time to taking part in triaging, code reviewing and providing feedback and also to mentor new contributors.

Core Team members are model contributors, who lead by example. To be effective in this role, they are granted commit rights on the main repositories and moderator rights on the forum. They will also be given a direct line of communication with Ghost Staff via a dedicated slack channel, so that help and advice is always on hand.

How are the Core Team members chosen?

In the first instance, Core Team members were chosen by consensus between John & Hannah. In future, we hope that names will be suggested amongst the Core Team & Ghost Staff and a consensus easily reached. This process and likely the whole concept of a Core Team member will be refined as we adjust to working with this new structure.

Further reading

This document has drawn heavily from Andrew Nacin's blog post on The qualities of a great WordPress contributor as well as Karl Fogel's classic book Producing Open Source Software. These are great resources if you want to learn more about being an awesome contributor.

The Core Team