This is a full list of all the available properties that can be used within your routes.yaml config file to manipulate your URL structure

Index of all available properties

Property Description
template Determines which Handlebars template file will be used for this route. Defaults to index.hbs if not specified.
permalink The generated URL for any post within a collection. Can contain dynamic variables based on post data:
  • {id} - unique set of characters, eg. 5982d807bcf38100194efd67
  • {slug} - the post slug, eg. my-post
  • {year} - publication year, eg. 2019
  • {month} - publication month, eg. 04
  • {day} - publication day, eg. 29
  • {primary_tag} - slug of first tag listed in the post, eg. news
  • {primary_author} - slug of first author, eg. cameron
filter Extensively filter posts returned in collections and channels using the full power and syntax of the Ghost Content API

For example author:cameron+tag:news will return all posts published by Cameron, tagged with 'News'. Mix and match to suit.
order Choose any number of fields and sort orders for your content:
  • published_at desc - default, newest post first
  • published_at asc - chronological, oldest first
  • featured desc, published_at desc -
    featured posts, then normal posts, newest first
data Fetch & associate data from the Ghost API with a specified route. The source route of the data will be redirected to the new custom route.

  • post.slug - get data with => {{#post}}
  • page.slug - get data with => {{#page}}
  • tag.slug - get data with => {{#tag}}
  • author.slug - get data with => {{#author}}
rss Collections and channels come with automatically generated RSS feeds which can be disabled by setting the rss property to false
content_type Specify the mime-type for the current route, default: HTML
controller Add a custom controller to a route to perform additional functions. Currently the only supported value is channel