Installing Ghost & Getting Started

The first steps to setting up your new blog for the first time.

Installing on Mac

Note Ghost requires Node.js 0.10.x (latest stable). We recommend Node.js 0.10.30 & npm 1.4.21.

To install Node.js and Ghost on your mac you'll need an open terminal window. You can get one by opening spotlight and typing "Terminal".

Install Node

  • On press install, a '.pkg' file will be downloaded
  • Click on the download to open the installer, this is going to install both node and npm.
  • Click through the installer, finally entering your password and clicking 'install software'.
  • Once the installer is complete, go into your open Terminal window and type echo $PATH to check that '/usr/local/bin/' is in your path.

Note: If '/usr/local/bin' does not appear in your $PATH, see the troubleshooting tips to find out how to add it

If you get stuck you can watch the whole process in action here.

Install and Run Ghost

  • On the downloads page, press the button to download the latest zip file.
  • Click on the arrow next to the newly downloaded file, and choose 'show in finder'.
  • In finder, double-click on the downloaded zip file to extract it.
  • Next, grab the newly extracted 'ghost-#.#.#' folder and drag it onto the tab bar of your open terminal window, this will make a new terminal tab which is open at the correct location.
  • In the new terminal tab type npm install --production note the two dashes
  • When npm is finished installing, type npm start to start Ghost in development mode
  • In a browser, navigate to to see your newly setup Ghost blog
  • Change the url to and create your admin user to login to the Ghost admin.
  • See the usage docs for instructions on the next steps